BeachBody is great for BEGINNERS in Fitness

BeachBody is great for BEGINNERS in Fitness

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If you are a beginner and would really like to lose weight and get toned and fit at the same time, BeachBody’s fitness programs are an excellent choice for you. I’d like to highlight some of the main reasons why I believe this:

1. Program created and laid out for us by a PROFESSIONAL TRAINER

When we are beginning our journey towards fitness, it’s hard to know exactly what we need to do to make our program as effective as possible. We don’t realize that we need to have cardio, strength-training and flexibility routines all incorporated in our weekly schedule in order to get the best results. Each component is very important. That is why professional trainers like Tony Horton, Chalene Johnson, Brett Horbel and Kathy Smith have taken the time to put together an effective program and have created a schedule for us to follow day by day. There’s no guesswork! All we need to do is follow the schedule exactly as it is laid out. We just pick the DVD that has the routine scheduled for that day, put it in the DVD player and follow the routine. It’s really that simple.

2. A nutrition plan comes with each program

Exercise is just as important as what we feed our bodies. When we are beginning our journey, it’s hard to know what foods would be best for our bodies. That is why the professional trainers have put together a book with each program that has a nutrition plan for us to follow as well. When we take the time to read through the book, we will be enlightened as to why we need to follow this program they’ve laid out, and then they lay out a day by day plan for us, taking out the guesswork.

3. Optional supplemental shake – Shakeology

For those who want a boost during the duration of their program, BeachBody has created a very nutritional shake we can drink just once a day, substituting a meal, like breakfast, which so few eat yet is the most important meal of the day. Unlike most other supplemental and weight loss shakes on the market (like Slim Fast), this particular shake is loaded with nutrients like

~ Protein and Aminoacids which help build muscles, improves skin and hair, supports optimum brain function, improves moods, and reduces cravings

~ Antioxidants which help reduce the oxidative damage in the body caused by free radicals and lowers the chances of degenerative conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, dementia and arthritis

~ Phytonutrients which help boost the immune system, help fight diseases, can slow down the aging process, and detoxify the body with its alkalinizing properties.

~ Prebiotics which help promote better intestinal health by aiding in the digestive process

~ Digestive enzymes which help the body break down foods and increase the absorption of nutrients

~ Adaptogens which are plant-derived agents that help protect the body from stress and help balance endocrine hormones and the immune system

For more information on this shake, click here

For the three reasons mentioned, I truly believe that BeachBody offers a excellent fitness program for beginners who truly want to lose weight and get toned and fit at the same time.