The Chubby Light Bulb

The Chubby Light Bulb

The Chubby Light Bulb picture by Bes Z

I noticed this in San Francisco. I am not sure if it was the weight that caught my eye, the width, the design, or simply its existence. I should probably avoid saying that the fatness caught my attention, yes? Or no? Regardless, I think, this picture was taken while climbing down a set of stairs. Or was it up? Ok, I am not sure anymore, though I know I stopped near the bottom of the stairs, or the beginning, and took this picture.

This light bulb sits quietly inside a building by the stairs. It is the only light, around it, that shines the way for anyone coming up or down. Running up the stairs from the scary monster outside? This bulb will help you skip every other step. Running down the stairs from the scary monster upstairs? This bulb will help you jump by allowing you to skip several steps along the way. Not sure whether the monster is upstairs or downstairs? No problem: the bulb will help you stay in the light, giving you a feeling of safety that you are not in the dark. Until the monster sees you in the light and comes growling after you.

Which light bulb would you choose, if both of them gave the same amount of light and other things? A small, thin one, or a chubby or? Or would you not care and only think about the chubbiness when you read it in my writing? I now wonder why I thought of the monster coming after me when I thought of writing some things about this cute bulb, hmmmm.

Picture location: San Francisco, CA
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Posted on Tue, 03 February 2009 at 2:04 am PST.
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