Libigrow ReviewThere are many Libi brand

Libigrow ReviewThere are many Libi brand

Libigrow Review

There are many Libi brand products that are designed to enhance the sexual experience for both men and women. Their website displays Libigrow, Libigirl, Libishots, and more.

Libigrow is formulated with natural ingredients for men who want an increase in their penis size, increase libido, have stronger climaxes, harder erections, longer lasting erections, more energy, and an increased sexual sensation.

According to Libigrow, you only need one capsule 30 minutes prior to sex. The effects are supposed to last up to two days and work only when you are sexually stimulated.

It is not necessary to take Libigrow as a daily supplement and you don’t need a prescription to buy it.

We can’t find any user testimonies or no clinical evidence that shows Libigrow to be effective.

Libigrow Ingredients

There are over 13 natural ingredients in the Libigrow formula. The majority of ingredients are in a proprietary blend, which does not disclose each ingredient amount. We can’t say for sure how potent Libigrow may be or may not be because of this.

There are only three ingredients with their amounts: Vitamin E, Niacin, and Zinc. All three ingredients have substantial amounts for male enhancement benefits in some way, even by relieving stress.

Niacin (Vitamin B3) 25 mg—of all the B vitamins, B3 is the most efficient to increase libido. All B vitamins help produce energy, which can be helpful in overcoming feelings of depression or fatigue.

Zinc15 mg—fights depression by balancing dopamine levels, and increases testosterone and sperm count.

L-Arginine— helps dilate blood vessels allowing more blood to engorge penis.

Ginkgo Biloba— aids in memory and concentration, also used to help men achieve erections since it improves blood flow.

Schizandra Berry— is known best for its ability to relieve sexual fatigue and for increasing men’s sexual staying-power.

Maca (Peruvian Ginseng)—is used for its ability to increase libido and energy.

Libigrow PROS

• Contains some well-known ingredients for male enhancement
• No prescription is needed
• Is supposed to be fast acting
• Only one capsule is used ‘as needed’

Libigrow CONS

• Extremely high priced supplement
• The majority of ingredients are in a proprietary blend
• Money back guarantee only applies to UN opened packages

Libigrow Price and Return Policy

The price for a package containing 25 capsules runs around $109.00 on the Libigrow website. They have different quantities you can buy if you don’t want to spend a lot of money at once.

But the guarantee that is talked about is for UN opened packs only and not valid if you don’t get the results you want.

Libigrow is sold on other internet websites for less, one site sells 25 capsules for $85.00. The other quantity packs are also found on other sites.

Final Thoughts on Libigrow

When compared to other male enhancements with similar claims and similar ingredients, Libigrow is extremely high priced. Also, the proprietary blend does not disclose each ingredient amount, which makes it hard to know Libigrow’s real potential.

If you are still considering making a purchase, your best bet is buying one of the lower priced, smaller quantity packs to see if it works before splurging on the larger ones.

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