Everyday Habits that Create Bad posture

Everyday Habits that Create Bad posture

sit correct
sit correct

Having a good attitude and you will see quite a bit more confidence. Unfortunately, many people often know little things can make a bad attitude. What?

Here you create a bad attitude are a few everyday habits:

  1. How to sit
    Leaning forward while sitting at the computer or the front desk ‘C’ group, and sitting posture. ‘C’ group of the position because I get a lot of pressure on the spine forward bias means. This posture can cause stress on the body. In addition, it also can make your posture better go too far in front.
  2. Carrying heavy bags
    For long periods of carrying heavy bags on one shoulder, they both end up worse position than that can cause the same shoulder.
  3. Sleeping with a high pillow
    Sleeping with a pillow or her knees are bent to create the spinal arch (bend) and embraced the position of the formation is too high.
  4. Too high heels
    Even worse position for too long a number is used for the heel shoes.
  5. Fat
    Finally, press the eating fatty foods, many of you also have an impact on your attitude, you can make the province.

How to get good posture?

Getting a good posture is not easily obtained with. Standing or sleeping, when you sit must be able to change the bad habits.

Correct sitting posture

  1. Always balance your body on the seat number, place it flat on the floor two feet.
  2. When anahit on the same level as the hips and knees and elbows and make sure the angle of 75-90 degrees.
  3. Always keep a straight shoulder. Avoid skin contact when bending forward and leaning in front of the computer.
  4. Always take time to stretch after sitting a long time

Standing in the correct position
Always keep your head straight to the state. Ears, shoulders and knees should be in line with the vertical should be maintained and shoulders straight. Not Ingatlan slouch when standing.

Let the exact location

  1. Of medium height, not too high, use a pillow
  2. Wet hair below the shoulders down is not the place of
  3. Hugging her knees when sleeping to prevent, again, sleeping in a position to maintain the curve.
  4. Ensure quality and comfortable mattress bed
  5. Then, with the help of hands to move the legs behind the first, if you can wake up from sleep place.?

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