Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Doesn’t Have To Mean Surgery

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Doesn’t Have To Mean Surgery

Carpal tunnel doesn''t have to mean surgery
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpel tunnel is an incapacitating disease that can cause frustration and complications in the daily lives of the people that have it. These people live with severe restrictions. For a person who is accustomed to performing simple, routine jobs and then those jobs become agonizing and hard to perform, it can cause much frustration. Everyday tasks like dropping and picking up an object, playing the piano, turning a knob on the door or turning the key in the ignition can cause a lot of pain and irritation, especially wrist pain. Carpal tunnel can also cause sleep interruption which can lead to weight gain, irritability and lack of concentration. It can also cause mood swings.

Those that are in professions that utilize the computer are key candidates for carpal tunnel. Hairstylists are candidates as well. The day laborer and drivers are prime candidates. All of these professionals are restricted in the performance of their everyday duties and tasks. They are in need of a cure or relief from hurt and wrist pain.

Difficulty performing job duties, hobbies that are enjoyed and simple task cause individuals to experience despondency. They are in expectation of a quick cure that does not involve a surgical procedure, nerve conductivity tests, extensive rehab, steroid shots or downtime. The thought of having to wear restrictive apparatus or wrist splints or hand braces around the clock due to complications such as muscle atrophy is not an option for many individuals.

Current Health Care

The current health care system does not offer individuals who suffer from the syndrome a non-invasive method or non-surgical remedy. The common physician will offer surgery as the only alternative. However, a chiropractor can offer some non-surgical and non-invasive alternatives. Those who practice chiropractics are skilled in methods that utilize a cold laser. Cold laser therapy is a veritable alternative. These methods can end the hurt of the syndrome or help to control the agony that is experienced by the client. More than 97% of those that have mild and chronic syndrome are helped by this therapy.

Laser Therapy

A lot of those who suffer with the syndrome have experimented with many types of conventional medical approaches. Most of them have not had any success. Some practitioners are endorsing therapy as an alternative to surgery. A cold laser is considered as an alternative for surgery in many areas such as the removal of scars, tattoos, wrinkles, stretch marks, birthmarks and hair removal. Successful performance of this type of procedure is totally dependent upon the skill of the practitioner and the level of damage already done to that area of the skin.

Lasers may be utilized to perform repetitive therapy for soft tissue damage and for the agony. The power of the lasers that are used for this therapy is in the range of five to five hundred milli-watts. The application of the laser to the skin does not produce any type reaction at all. It does not burn the flesh or any of the tissue. The small level of power produced by the instrument is spread across the area of discomfort.

Supporters of this type of therapy suggest that the light from the laser can go deep inside of the tissue and produce a stimulating effect. The specific effect on the hurt is not well known in the medical society. Those that support the therapy say that it works by developing cell reparation through the stimulation the vascular, lymphatic and immune structures. This is possible, however, it is also difficult to verify. The only means of judging whether it is working or not is to look at the results.

Chiropractic Professionals

Other types of relief are suggested by a chiropractor. The chiropractics professionals can perform acupuncture on any sufferer of the syndrome. This procedure provides temporary reprieve from the hurt associated with the wrist and the hand. This procedure utilizes energy that is then applied to acupuncture areas on the person’s body. This procedure has many advantages. There are no long instances of absence due to treatment. There are no long recovery times because of hospitalization. The wrist and hand pain are gone. There are no need for wrist splints and braces. Steroid shots are a thing of the past. The usage of non-surgical and non-invasive procedures is a growing trend. Please join the wave and receive cold laser therapy to relieve the pain that you now experience from the syndrome.