Amazing Health Benefits of the Ruby Red

Amazing Health Benefits of the Ruby Red

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The Ruby Red Grapefruit has become one of my favorite fruits to eat every single day. I have half for breakfast and half in the evening. I started eating it because I heard that vitamin C helps in the absorption of iron, and since my parents have always talked to me about how beneficial it is to eat grapefruit in the morning, this summer I finally decided to eat a half grapefruit each morning. I loved it so much, that I started eating the to other half at night. It made me feel so good!!

I decided to research about this fruit and blog about it here so you can all benefit from my findings on this healthy fruit. After all, I do love to share what will help people’s lives become better in every way. My mission is to help people all across the U.S and around the world live the healthiest life ever, no matter what their age is, right? So my findings definitely fall in this category.

Did you know?? “Half a ruby red grapefruit packs only 36 calories but nearly 47 milligrams of vitamin C -– 78 percent of the recommended daily value for this important antioxidant nutrient. Vitamin C serves many functions in the body. In addition to supporting proper function of the immune system, vitamin C is needed for healthy gums, protecting the body’s cells from damage, building collagen, wound healing and enhancing absorption of the trace mineral iron.” You can read more at

Since my dad was dealing with prostate cancer recently, I also found it interesting that in this article I mentioned above, the author states that since it is HIGH IN LYCOPENE, it will decrease prostate cancer-cell growth and even induce cancer-cell death. Plus, ” an elevated concentration of lycopene in prostate cells leads to the synthesis of enzymes that help protect prostate cells against further damage.”

In addition to these benefits, the grapefruit also helps lower cholesterol. What an amazing natural way to lower our cholesterol! All we need to do is eat half or even a whole grapefruit a day! By lowering our cholesterol, we decrease our chances of getting arteriosclerosis, a disease that so many are getting nowadays it seems. So many people are fighting cholesterol, and thereby cholesterol meds are being prescribed and taken more and more. If you are taking these type of pills, you may want to think about simply adding a ruby red grapefruit a day.

So, if you want to give your immune system a boost so that you can prevent anything that comes your way, from the common cold to flu to cancer, go to your local grocery store and get yourself a six-pack of Ruby Red Grapefruits, which will only cost you about $4 (that is what it cost me when I went to Trader Joe’s yesterday).