7 Tips to Lose Weight and KEEP IT OFF

7 Tips to Lose Weight and KEEP IT OFF

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I am very thankful that I successfully have lost a lot of weight and most importantly have KEPT IT OFF over the past several years. In this note I’d like to tell you a little of my transformation story, and give you some tips you can use.

My Story

Many people that know me know think I’ve always been thin and that it’s easy for me to stay fit. This is not true at all. I was thin as a little girl, but when I became a teenager, I started gaining weight; many factors influenced it – unhealthy eating, lack of exercicse, and emotional stress were the top three. I continued to gain weight through out highschool and graduated at a size 12, weighing 170 pounds. Atrocious since I had been a size 6 weighing 118 when I started highschool I kept gaining weight int the year I was away in Germany studying in a Latvian school, and all through my college years, from 1990-1994; in 1992, when I was trying on a bridesmaid’s dress, I had to wear a size 16!! I got gall bladder problems and the doctor put me on a one-month diet and some pills, which helped me lose weight, but since I didn’t form any good lifestyle habits, the weight came right back on me.

When I graduated in 1994, I managed to lose some weight so I could look pretty good in my wedding dress. After I got married, I researched what to do to lose weight and keep the weight off. I realized that the most important thing to do was make exercise and healthy eating a habit, so that is what I did. I was DEVOTED to my healthy lifestyle and lost weight. I lost a lot of weight.

Fast forward to 1999…. I had gotten a divorce, went through a lot of heartbreaks and got pregnant out of wedlock. All I wanted was to have a HEALTHY BABY so I committed myself to walking every day while I was pregnant and eat as healthy as I could on a limited budget. I also did an aerobic exercise routine I found on DVD and did that all the way until the day before I delivered; my mom was impressed! Once I had my baby, I continued to walk during my lunch break and when I got home from home I would take my son out for long walks. It kept me sane and helped me lose weight and get fit quickly. I was thrilled!!

I got remmarried in 2002 and was still overweight, but I kept eating healthier and exercised on a regular basis. I figured, It took me years to gain all that weight, it will take a while to get it all off. I knew that crash diets did not work – yo-yo dieting had been disastrous for both my mom and I in the past, and that was not a path I was going to go on again.

After my second baby, I again lost my “baby fat” quickly and continued adopting more healthy habits into my life. I adopted my motto “Fit and Healthy FOR LIFE” and continued on my healthy path. Everyday I felt better physically, mentally and emotionally, and I was so thankful. In 2007, I found out about a company called BeachBody that had the most amazing fitness programs on DVD that I had ever seen or used, and started using them. I continue to use these programs today… I’ve done many different programs and always have fun trying out new programs to see if I would recommend it to others. I sure do not want to recommend anything I would not use.

As I continue my healthy lifestyle, I enjoy learning what helps me live healthy and stay fit and energetic for the rest of my life, and put into practice what I learn. I am always learning something new and have not problem going against what most people do; I’m committed to staying fit and healthy for the rest of my life, and not return to where I was in highschool and college. If something keeps me healthy and fit, I recommend it to all.

My Seven Tips:

I’d like to summarize a few things I’ve learned and keep me healthy. I know you too can be fit, healthy and energetic for life if you DECIDE on a plan, and then COMMIT to it until you reach your goals and then form new goals. Don’t just crash-diet; adopt healhty habits.

1. Detox at least once a year, and up to four times.

2. Make exercise a daily habit, taking one day a week to rest.

3. Eat organic foods, including grass-fed beef. Indulge in lots of FRESH, raw foods, especially veggies. If you don’t like green veggies that much, eat those you like and take a supplement called MultiGreens (2-4 caps a day).

4. Don’t drink milk UNLESS it’s raw milk. The milk products I most recommend are those you can get from a company called Beyond Organic

5. Use only non-toxic products on yourself and to clean your home. Don’t settle with just non-toxic, but go for ones that promote healing. My favorite brand is Young Living since I trust the company completely – I’ve been getting products from them for almost 7 years now.

6. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated as well as drinks that are high in antioxidants. Other than water, here are some drinks I highly recommend: NingXia Red (from Young Living), Suero Viv (from Beyond Organic), and Moringa (from Zija). If you go for milk, I recommend Amasai (from Beyond Organic).

7. Keep stress to a minimum so your cortisol levels won’t climb.

You can check out my website if you want to see a little picture-video that shows my transformation story over the years. Though most of my overweight pictures I threw away since I never wanted to remember those years (terrible memories, physically and emotionally), I was able to capture somewhat how I transformed. I truly am very thankful to have been able to lose at least 80 pounds, since today I weigh 112 pounds and when I finished college I weighed around 190 pounds, and even more thankful that I’ve been able to KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF. Praise be to God!!