2009  June  23  Bloom'en Nutrition

2009 June 23 Bloom'en Nutrition

Massive Clinical Study of Vitamin D and Fish Oils

There is a lot of benefit to be had with omega-3 fish oils and Vitamin D. That’s why we added them to our Bloom’en Nutrition prenatal vitamin chews. However, these great nutrients aren’t just for pregnancy health. A 20 million dollar study has recently been commissioned to evaluate by the National Institutes of Health to evaluate the impact of Vitamin D and EPA/DHA fish oil supplementation on the risk of developing cancer, stroke and heart disease, as well as memory loss, depression, diabetes, and numerous other conditions.

The study, entitled VITAL, will follow 20,000 older men and women, over a period of years, and will use annual surveys to track patient results. This is a huge study in comparison to many of the other investigations in the dietary supplement industry and should provide exceptional data on how supplementation with EPA and DHA and vitamin D impacts the onset of chronic conditions. Here is the link to the VITAL website

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