Therapeutic-Grade Oils Keep us Healthy on Vacation

Therapeutic-Grade Oils Keep us Healthy on Vacation

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When we go on a family vacation, we want to focus on FUN, not on running to the nearest doctor or pharmacy to get something that will make us feel better. Recently, we took our family annual vacation, and of course we made sure we took along our oils and supplements enhanced with these oils since we know these work extremely well in so many ways, and have no side-effects.

I would like to tell you about some of the oils we brought with us and how we used them.

* Purification to keep away the mosquitoes. We went to Maine, which was hot and humid most of the time, so the mosquitoes came out at night while we were walking around or lounging in the porch. I quickly reached for some Purification and that kept them away. When one bit my daughter while she was sleeping (I don’t know how he got in the trailer!), I rubbed on some Purification and the itchiness went away in just a few minutes.

* Purification and Balsam Fir for sneezing and stuffy noses. There were times that we felt an allergy attack at night and we started sneezing and got stuffy noses. One night it was my son; I quickly grabbed the Purification on his forehead and down the bridge of his nose and a couple drops of Balsam Fir on his chest, and within minutes he fell sound asleep and woke up rested the next morning (no grogginess). A different night, I started sneezing, so I did the same thing, and once again the oils worked their charm, took the sneezing away and I was able to sleep.

* Peppermint and Alkalime for upset stomach. When we go on vacation, we can’t always eat as healthy as we try to do at home, and so I got cramps several times. I quickly would take our my Peppermint, rub a couple of drops on my stomach, and my stomach would feel better within minutes. The first night we were in Canada, we ended up eating dinner at 8:00. I decided to have a steak, which was a terrible idea, and it sure did not sit well on my stomach. I drank a teaspoonful of Alkalime mixed in a small glass of water, and voila! I was able to rest well, without my stomach cramping up anymore or dealing with heartburn.

* Lavender for scrapes and cuts. Since we spent lots of our time at lakes and beaches, my kids and husband were constantly stepping on something and getting hurt. Lavender to the rescue!! Every time it worked amazingly well.

* V-6 oil enhanced with Lavender and Frankincense as we spend time in the sun; LavaDerm for after the sun. I no longer use sunblock because it clogs our pores and has many toxic ingredients in him. We just rub V-6 oil which I have enhanced with a few drops of Lavender and Frankincense, all over the areas of our body that are exposed to the sun and we got tan, not sunburned. Afterwards, we would apply Lavaderm to keep our skin moist, since when we dry out, we start peeling; my stepson ALWAYS asks for the Lavaderm since he still applies sunblock because he thinks it protects him, and yet almost every time he gets a sunburn.

* NingXia Red singles, True Source and MightyVites to stay healthy. We need to keep our immune system going strong so what better way to do so than taking along some NingXia Red singles for my husband and I, and a bottle of MightyVites for our kids. My husband also loves taking his True Source multinutrient caps every morning; I do that every other day since swallowing pills is not my favorite thing to do (I prefer to drink my nutrition).

I will never leave on vacation without my oils. They keep us healthy in a natural way. Thank God for a company that gives us true therapeutic-grade oils. I would never use any other brand than Young Living.