Healthy Cholesterol Levels: How To Naturally Lower Cholesterol

Healthy Cholesterol Levels: How To Naturally Lower Cholesterol

Healthy Cholesterol Levels: How To Naturally Lower Cholesterol

Concerns about achieving and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels have been rising lately. This is because of the increase in risk factors for heart disease, among which the high level of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol or bad cholesterol is the most significant. One in three Americans dies of a cardiovascular disease and the stats for the rest of the nations are more or less of a similar magnitude: alarming.

Read about the recent Cholesterol Guidelines and about the Myth Vs Truth

HDL (high density lipoprotein) and LDL are the two main types of cholesterol. While LDL has the potential for causing arterial blockages, HDL, on the other hand, prevents clogging of arteries. It is considered healthier to have higher levels of HDL, which is the good cholesterol. This also indicates a lower risk of heart disease. The third important component of total cholesterol is triglycerides but they constitute a lesser risk for heart or cardiovascular diseases. Of all the constituents of cholesterol in the blood, LDL is the most modifiable one that directly and reproducibly increases the risk of cardiovascular events like heart attack and stroke.

What are the desirable and healthy cholesterol levels? An article at Mayo Clinic, Cholesterol levels: What numbers should you aim for? provides very detailed insights about the desirable levels of the three important components of cholesterol levels in blood. An important information found in the Mayo Clinic article is that the American Heart Association (AHA) recommends natural methods such as diet and lifestyle changes as the preferred tools to lower the triglycerides levels over use of drugs.

I have had personal issues with fluctuating cholesterol levels and have had to follow my healthcare providers prescriptions for medication. But I feel far greater at ease with my adherence to healthy lifestyle habits as well as choice of alternative to medication. This is the point when I learnt about Native Remedies'' Doctor''s MEDley Cholesterol. Doctor’s MEDley Cholesterol.

What is Dr. MEDley Cholesterol?It is

an all-natural drink supplement shown in multi-center clinical trials to

lower cholesterol an average of 17% when consumed twice daily. I

checked out why & how it works, to find out

about the claim that it naturally lowers the cholesterol levels by an

average of 17% and read the customer testimonials. Though

healthy cholesterol levels can be achieved by an average lowering of

cholesterol by 17% with Dr. MEDley Cholesterol, what makes me rejoice is

the recommendation they make regarding healthy lifestyle choices such

as diet & exercise, in sync with my Healthy Lifestyle Charter.

I wanted to go even further and check if there is another natural product that can help me maintain healthy levels of cholesterol. Of course there is one: Cholesto-Rite,

Get More Info on Cholesto-Rite for Cholesterol Control to Help Control LDL (bad cholesterol), Maintain healthy HDL levels and Reduce Risk of Coronary Heart Disease, Heart Attack and Stroke

Cholesto-Rite is a herbal remedy to help maintain cholesterol levels already

within the normal range plus support cardiovascular health. This is the

premise by which I consider it the natural way: what they say here,

connects me instantly with the healthy lifestyle principles I swear by:

There are many ways to naturally support your body in its regulation of healthy levels of cholesterol. This can be done by following a healthy lifestyle and eating a balanced diet, increasing physical activity, and maintaining a healthy body weight.Natural remedies have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years to support the health of the heart and liver and to help maintain normal cholesterol levels.

Cholesto-Rite maintains healthy levels of LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol and helps maintain balanced cholesterol in the veins and arteries, apart from supporting the healthy functioning of the liver.

I trust Native Remedies and know that they are a leading brand of herbal & homeopathic remedies. I want to make use of their Auto-delivery and Free Shipping offers. Even if you think you have cholesterol levels within normal range, don''t you want to ensure you maintain healthy cholesterol levels, to secure your heart health and insure against cardiovascular risks? Do not wait. Order now!

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