Global Health Trax Testimonials

Global Health Trax Testimonials

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Steve Baker
Topsecret Promotions
Austin - TX
05/16/00 16:18:21

Definitely the best product of its kind. As a free radical scavenger, the antioxidant effect on my physical well- being have been astounding. After buying Hydroxygen Plus at retail for several months I began to send others to the same source. Soon after I became a distributor myself and cannot say enough about this product. Energy has increased, recovery rate has increased and I haven''t felt this good in years. After educating myself on the dynamics of how the oxygen drops actually work, I know I will be using this product and receiving these incredible benefits for the rest of my life.

Kim Hellman Bandera
05/16/00 16:07:21

Hi! I would like everyone to know just how these products have helped change my life. I have had two back surgeries,one at the age of 18. The most recent,one year ago July. I am 37 yrs old and have always been active. All my jobs have been physical labor. Waitress,working with race horses,Then my own lawn care service. After this last surgery I experienced a lot of leg pain. I tried going back to work with the horses, only the pain was so very hard to live with, and hard for my family to live with me. I had become a very impatient and crabby person. Do you know how pain can do this to a person? A friend introduced me to GHT all natural, all liquid products. She felt this would help me. Skeptical and desperate. What did I have to lose? GHT products have a full money back satisfaction guarantee. I almost immediately noticed how my energy level increased, My stress level decreased. I could sleep without being woken up by pain. After 3 mo. of taking the products I am able to resume my normal life. I also raise dogs. I have them all on Hydroxygen Plus & Silica Plus. The Hydroxygen cleans out their systems, so they are parasite free. The Silica has made there coats and nails shiny and healthy! It also helps in conception when breeding. These products help our God made bodies work the way God designed them. Once we get rid of the toxins, that we pick up from everywhere these days. Our body can work to heal it''s self. I am so very thankful that these products have come into my life. I have seen, in my little area of the world. This is real and it really does work.

Dick Phillips Dartmouth
05/16/00 16:04:02

Three days ago I had a minor injury I''d like to relate to you regarding Hydroxygen. I drove a 1/2 inch thorn into the base of my thumb, the morning I was to play golf. Anyone that knows the game, knows the importance of your thumb. I went into the house and with tweezers, pulled the thorn out and placed a drop of hydroxygen in the "hole" it left. It burned like blazes but it lasted only a short time. I put a Band-Aid on and played. For the next two days I applied a drop or two each day and today, the third day, it is healed. No pain not even a scab. What a wonderful product!

05/16/00 16:01:10 PDT

I burned my fingers on overheated brake lug nuts. My middle finger was like an over done piece of bacon, and terrific pain. I immediately put on my Hydroxygen Plus, 1 drop on the burn and 2 drops on the Band-Aid. I redressed it that night with the same drops as above and the next morning, there was no blister and no pain. All that was left was the spot that got branded.

James P. Mroz
05/16/00 15:53:39

I''ve had a problem with my feet for at least 2 years. The bottoms of my feet would get so dry they would crack and bleed. I tried all kinds of anti-fungal creams both over the counter and prescription and nothing worked until I started taking Hydroxygen Plus. Now my feet are as soft as a baby''s'' behind. I''m so glad the burning and soreness is gone now. I''ve only been taking the drops for 15 days. This stuff is really cool.

Julie Bertrand
05/16/00 11:57:53 PDT

My son Kasey was diagnosed with asthma in 1995. He has been on medication since that time. The medication he was taking were Ventlin 90MCG every 6 hours, Intal Inhaler 2 times a day, Servant Diskus 50MCG 2 times a day, Aerobic Inhaler 2 times a day. Kasey''s peak flow was usually 150-200. Since he began taking the vitamins and Hydroxygen plus on April 7th, I have not had to give him any of his medication and his peak flow has been over 220.

Bob Bock
04/04/00 17:05:41 PDT

I have doing this for over six months on a daily routine:4oz. Of fruit juice;1000mg. of Bee Pollen; and a few drops of hydroxygen plus daily. This combination gives me big energy boost that last and last a long time. To those who are not allergic to bee pollen I highly recommend this over all other methods that are taken for an energy boost.

Dawn Hall
04/04/00 17:03:27

I was in the hospital Feb. ''99 for Congested Heart Failure. Dr. Reavis gave me a sample of Hydroxygen Plus after I got out of the hospital. I joined GHT within the week. I weighted 450lbs. 4'' 10" tall, had SLEEP APNEA, SNORED, ACUTE ASTHMA, DAMAGED MY HEART & KIDNEYS, & THYROID. I COULD NOT DRESS MYSELF, BARELY WALK, OR BREATH. >Dr. Reavis called almost daily with concern and encouragement.
Now it has been 1yr. latter, RESULTS FROM TAKING ALL GHT PRODUCTS:

1.) SLEEP APNEA, 2.) SNORING, 3.) HEART DAMAGE according to Heart Specialist who checked me in May ''99, 4.) 450LBS I LOST OVER 78 LBS, 5.) Infections, my kidneys were always infected & doctors were giving antibiotic daily, 6.) Very little to NO PAIN! Every time I walked it hurt my legs, feet, & body, 7.) Scaly, bumpy, skin condition on my legs,

1.) Asthma is in control, 2.) Thyroid is under control

Bob Wright
04/04/00 17:00:21

It''s a "MIRACLE!" What else can I say... I started taking ''Hydroxygen Plus'' 6 months ago... When I first started taking it, I did not see hardly any results whatsoever, but was told to keep on taking it and you''ll really see some fantastic results...Here''s my story... Around August of 1997, my legs started to swell so much I called myself the ''elephant leg man''... It was extremely painful to walk... Then my whole body, shoulders, arms, legs- all of my joints started with extreme pain so much that I could not sleep more 15 to 30 minutes at a time... To make a real long story legs turned purple then black all the way up to my knees... For certain whatever it was, my legs would have to be amputated... Doctors did not know what was causing it... Well, I went on for about two years trying this and trying that,and nothing really seemed to work, though the nutritional that I was taking more than likely slowed down any progression...I was introduced to ''Hydroxygen Plus'' around the late part of August, 1999... Well I''ve got to tell you - It certainly was a "MIRACLE"...within 3 months my circulation was coming back into my legs, the purple & black coloring was going away, the pain was getting lesser & lesser as the days went by... I''m so glad that I kept taking it, because if I had stopped like I wanted to, my legs would most certainly be gone...Everyone is different...some may see results within a few days, a week, two weeks, three weeks. Whatever, please be patient... It will work no matter what ails you... I know we cannot say we have found a ''Miracle Cure'' for just about every disease that comes upon us... But I can say that for me it has been more than a "MIRACLE" It has been a "LIFESAVER" for me. Please do yourself a favor and at least start off with ''Hydroxygen Plus'' and have patience... It will definitely change your whole life around for the better... For whatever reason you may have, try it!!! It WORKS!!! I''m a living testimonial.

Joyce Marie
04/04/00 16:51:16

Had a blood test last week and I just have to tell you all some news!!! My cholesterol is down below 200. Last year when they did my cholesterol, before I was using Hydroxygen Plus, my cholesterol was it is 190 AND I am still eating the same as I was and doing the same things I was doing a year ago. Now jot that one down in your book!!! No one can beat this product....If you haven''t tried Hydroxygen Plus do so will be happy you did.

Becky Carhoff Gastonia
03/15/00 14:59:21

For the last 15 years I have taken vitamins and food supplements from two other natural nutritional companies and various health food stores. Every one of them thinks theirs is the best. Well, have we got news for them. Their products don''t hold a candle to Global Health Trax''s products. I have been on only GHT products since Feb. 7th 2000 and have experienced a new outlook on life! I feel like I am 17 again with vitality, energy, and an overall sense of wellness! I am sleeping much better which allows me to get up more rested and ready for the day. I have had no more "hot flashes" or other symptoms of menopause. My arthritis and carpal tunnel hurts no more. My mind is sharp and alert. I breathe much deeper and easier (am a smoker) and can SING again since I have more air!!! I have noticed my wrinkles, cellulite, and hemorrhoids are disappearing and my skin is much improved. (You said this would happen, but I didn''t believe it!) My digestion problems have vanished and I can eat what I want without paying dearly. My house plants are looking so bright and healthy after adding Hydroxygen Plus to the water. We sat our Christmas tree outside on the patio, still in its water container, and I started adding the drops to the water. It is now March and the tree is still beautifully green and the needles are soft and alive. It makes a great shelter for the birds. We are going to see how long we can keep it. Also, in just 24 days, I have told 7 other families who became customers and distributors of this great company, and they have told six more! This is so fun and rewarding to be able to help people by introducing them to these wonderful products and a company who will support them. Thanks Lorin and Everett! I am so thankful to my friend who showed me this! I have truly been blessed!

Michael Dages MD
Shelbyville - KY
02/07/00 12:58:52

I have been searching for many years to find a health product that would truly be beneficial. There is no doubt that GLOBAL HEALTH TRAX has created something that every one needs for great health!!! These are a few tremendous results I''ve had because of these products : #1 - With severe arthritis, degenerated disks in my spine, and bone spurs penetrating my spine, I was becoming paralyzed from my waste down. I was about to have spinal surgery done, but soon thereafter I started taking HYDROXYGEN PLUS and the other great products available, with in FIVE DAYS I had all feeling and functioning restored to my legs and other vital organs!!! Not only was the arthritis pain gone, I started gaining lots of energy! I have been feeling 20 years younger!! #2 - I am 40 years young at this time, but with the great benefits of HYDROXYGEN PLUS I continue to grow younger day by day! Being a former athlete I had received many injuries with the long-lasting aches and pains that got worse as the years went by, but thanks to GLOBAL HEALTH TRAX my life is taking a complete reversal! I started lifting weights again, using the treadmill and stair-master, and instead of getting exhausted quickly my energy level increases! I don''t even feel like leaving the gym! I can''t hardly believe how fast my lean muscle is developing! #3 - The best benefit I''m experiencing is the mental alertness and emotional stability! I have battled a devastating illness for 20 long years and I was near death many times because of it. Anyone who is suffering from a mental illness or some kind of chemical imbalance WILL experience wonderful relief with these FANTASTIC PRODUCT''S from GALILEE HEALTH TRAX!!! It''s understandable that people are skeptical in our day and time about trying something new, but please do yourself a favor, if you really want to experience a dramatic change in your health and have a positive attitude toward life because of your good health, YOU must try these PRODUCTS from GLOBAL HEALTH TRAX!

Matthew D. Murnane
Minot - ND
02/04/00 11:21:41

I''ve been taking hydroxygen plus for months now ever since my friend turned me on to this. He is a healer and a damn good one at that. I''m 6 foot and I was around 175 lbs and way out of shape. I had always lifted weights and ran, but did have the chance to with working full time and going to school 40hrs a week. I starting taking it for energy because I couldn''t sit in a class room and not fall a sleep. I had been trying royal jelly and a different couple of herbs. All helped but not like the H+. I had digestive problems also and would take a digestive supplements also. If I had too much dairy or ate too much lunch meat It would liquefy my system. I''ve dropped so fat and I gained at least 10 pounds of muscle in 3 months with just taking H+ and a multivitamin. I no longer have digestive problems and my wife started taking it and now she doesn''t need an inhaler to play sports. I''ve found that it also works great on cuts, sores, and moles. Thank you global health trax!!! Matthew D. Murnane

Tommy Jo Peden
Texarkana - Arkansas
2000/01/15 - 19:50:39

My name is Tommy Jo and I have been taking GHT products, Hydroxygen Plus, Silica Plus, Vita Plus, and Major Minerals. I was in desperate need of some kind of help. You see I had reached the point of being one of those Bubble People, as my dear friend so fondly describes it. I had reached a point where the allergic reactions to everything had become tremendous, There was nothing left for me to take anymore. My medication, for asthma, kidney''s, blood pressure etc., no longer worked or I had such an allergic reaction to them, I couldn''t take anymore. Yes, I am asthmatic, so bad, that as you have heard described, I almost reach the point of passing out. I do pass out from the allergic reactions. I have been to many different doctors over the years and finally resorted to total, natural, but, my doctor the best doctor I found lived out of country and it became very difficult for me to continue going. I called a friend and asked her if she knew of any product that was liquid or something I could chew. My kidneys could not handle capsules or tablets anymore. She told me to go to website and read all about H+ and Silica. I decided to try them, what did I have to lose; I would not make another winter anyway. I have had pneumonia two and three times a year, every year. Lungs were full all the time, fluid around my heart. BP up and down, kidney infections constantly, yeast infections, the list goes on. I needed to speak with someone who had asthma really bad, and to my surprise, as I read the testimonials, there was Lorin Dyrr''s testimonial. Here was my answer! No, I didn''t build slowly. I needed to breath now, so I took the highest dosages I could. Even that wasn''t enough. I was conferenced onto the ght product call, and I heard Lorin telling someone what she needed to take in order to breath, and what she did in case of emergencies. Yes, this was it! Let me tell you folks, detox was major, but, you see, I felt that way most of the time anyway. To my surprise my arthritis, in right elbow and shoulder was hurting, after one week, could use my right hand again. Then second week I was able to go out of my Hepa filter room and make use of my entire house. By third week my BP had normalized, noticed I had not one kidney infection or yeast infection. I am breathing deeper now. After two months, I was able to go to the grocery store and purchase my own groceries. What a feeling! Then I noticed the big large ugly brown spot on my forehead had dried up and soon led off. Yes, after 6 months I had several skin cancer spots I had been treating disappear. Folks, I have a life, I breath, I laugh without an attack, I go with my family places again, I have company over for meals, and I don''t live in fear if this is my last breath, or how long my heart will hold out. The only thing I am taking at present, ONLY GHT PRODUCTS, Yes, can you imagine! No breathing machines, no emergency shots, no bronchilators, none of those things. Yes, I am a distributor for Ght. Thanks to my dear friend for sharing this with me and thanks to Global Health Trax (Hydroxygen Plus, and Silica, Vita Plus, Major Minerals.)

Ruby Tabberer
Devine - Texas
2000/01/14 - 21:09:46

I am a 67 year old widow. My health has been especially bad since my husband died in November of 1997. I am a type two diabetic with high blood pressure and arthritis in my knees. In June of 1999 my daughter in Texarkana convinced me to try GHT products. I got all four products began to take them faithfully. The first thing I noticed was my blood pressure always remaining 120 over 78 with only one pill to take. The next thing I noticed was my blood sugar dropping into the normal range 80-120. This had never happened before in spite of two different medications and diet. I''ve been able to cut back on one of my meds and some days on both. I think the part that impresses me the most is the feeling of well being that I have gotten from these wonderful supplements. In Nov after attending the wedding of my first grandchild to be married I came back home and two days later I knew that I had picked up the virus another granddaughter had while I was there. Normally when anything attacks my throat it goes into voice box and on into bronchitis or pneumonia. I lost my voice a little, began a cough the first day and just knew I was in for another 6 week round coming out of it. But I was in for a pleasant surprise. Next day I had voice back to normal and cough was gone. I kept waiting for it to jump back on me but NO I was totally over the virus. Never happened so fast in all my life. I''ve gotten good results with my arthritic knees also. The right knee is completely pain free( it was the worse ) and the only thing I''m taking for them besides Life Support Products is some MSM that Dr Reavis recommended. I''ve seen this product do marvels for my youngest grandson, one of the twins my youngest daughter told you about in her testimony, under Lisa DuBose. My oldest daughter is a very bad asthmatic but she will give her own testimony on that. Need I tell you that we are all distributors for GHT as well as two sons in Houston. I keep mentioning different children so I''ll just explain that I have two daughters, three sons and 17 grandchildren. And of the 28 of us 13 are using the products, especially H+. Got a few more to convince yet.

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