Exercise Helps You Sleep  Free health tips for you, enjoyed it !

Exercise Helps You Sleep Free health tips for you, enjoyed it !

Free health tips for you, enjoyed it !

Running to the medicine cabinet or to doctors for sleeping pills may be one way to battle chronic insomnia, but aerobic exercise might be the best prescription, new research indicates.

Scientists at Northwestern University say sleep problems affect millions of adults, who could likely improve their quality of sleep, vitality, and mood with regular aerobic exercise.

The researchers say the study is the first to examine the effect of aerobic exercise on insomnia in middle-aged and older adults. About 50% of people middle-aged and older complain of symptoms of chronic insomnia.

Investigators studied 23 sedentary adults, mostly women aged 55 years and older, who had a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep and also reported impaired daytime functioning.

The participants were randomly placed in one of two groups.

One group exercised for two 20-minute sessions four times a week and the other did a 30-40 minute workout four times a week. This went on in both groups for 16 weeks, with participants exercising to 75% of their maximum heart rate on at least two activities, such as riding a stationary bicycle, walking, or exercising on a treadmill.

In a control group, participants didn’t exert themselves physically but only mentally, taking part in recreational or educational activities, such as attending a cooking class or listening to a museum lecture. This group met for about 45 minutes, three to five times a weeks, also for 16 weeks.

Researchers say the participants who exercised reported that their sleep quality improved, raising their diagnosis from poor to good sleeper. They also reported fewer depressive symptoms, more vitality, and less sleepiness in the daytime.

Lead author Kathryn Reid, PhD, of the Department of Neurobiology and Physiology at Northwestern University, says drug-free treatment is best for insomnia because it eliminates the potential of sleep medications interacting with other drugs a person might be taking.

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Summary of good sleep habitsUse any opportunity you can to get out of your cell, to go to work, to education or the gym. Regular physical exercise can help you sleep better. ...http://www.prisonmentalhealth.org/downloads/patient_leaflets/07-03_good_nights_sleep.docExercise: 7 benefits of regular physical activityA good night''s sleep helps maintain your physical and mental health. Moderate exercise at least three hours before bedtime can help you relax and sleep ...http://www.pps.k12.pa.us/143110127104380/lib/143110127104380/02_7_benefits_of_regular_physical_activity.docBarbie Brittell, the physician assistant at McMurdo, forwarded an ...The mind begins to worry that you will not sleep well. ... In addition, regular predictable exercise helps promote healthy sleep patterns. ...http://www.julesharnett.com/antarctica/JulesDiaryfromDec_on/Insomnia.docDownload - Rak Vocal & Healing Clinic - Where Singers Become Vocal ...After about three or four days of doing this process or exercise, as you go to lie ... even if you are very tired and it''s very late, will help you sleep better, .... This BACKREST Body Balance Process helps you to find and eventually ...http://www.rakvocal.com/freedownloads/BackrestBodyBalanceProcess.doc

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