Beth Bejarno's Story...

Beth Bejarno's Story...

In January of 1999, I went to Bart and asked him to help me lose weight. At that time I weighed 145 pounds and was going on a cruise in April. I had decided that I wanted to be able to wear a bikini (something I hadn''t been able to do since the birth of my second child.

Bart told me that he really would have preferred a little more time to work with me, but if I was determined and dedicated and I followed the program that he set up for me, to the letter, we could probably do it.

Knowing that we were working against a time crunch, I tried to be realistic about my goal and I set it at 128 pounds.

Bart explained the whole program to me, the different phases, what each one entailed, what he expected from me and my body and what I could expect in return. He pointed out several times that it was not an easy program to follow but if I did as I was told and didn''t cheat, it would work.

With all of this in mind as well as a very vivid mental picture of what I wanted to look like, we began.

We cleaned up my diet (cutting out some fats and sugars) and gradually began increasing my calories. Bart would have normally taken my calories up to 3,000 per day but again, we were working against the clock, so we stopped at 2,800 a day.

Once I reached this point, we began my rotation phase. For the most part, my body responded well, losing two pounds a week as planned except twice. Each of those times I called Bart as soon as it happened and he would adjust my rotation by lowering my calories, adding extra cardio workouts or having me do a fibrous carb day. Both times he got me moving again.

I stayed on my rotation right up until the day I went on my cruise. I did not reach my goal weight of 128, I only got down to 131 but when you lose 14 pounds and it is all fat, what a difference! When I started, I was wearing a size 8 pants and when I left for the cruise I was wearing 6 slims. I did wear my bikini on the cruise and looked great if I do say so myself!

Bart told me to enjoy myself on the cruise and to eat whatever I wanted. He said the majority of what I would gain would be water weight because you cannot gain fat that fast. So I did! God, everything tasted great!

When I returned a week later my weight was up 5 pounds but as Bart said, it was mostly water. He set me up on a maintenance plan, slowly increasing my calories while at the same time introducing more sugar and fat back into my diet and within two weeks I was down to 130.

I managed to maintain this weight within 2-5 pounds for two years, all the while feeling very comfortable about myself.

Then, at the beginning of 2001 my husband and I separated and began to divorce. Unfortunately, it was during this time that I discovered that I am a nervous eater! Most people lose weight when they go through a divorce but not me. By early May I was back up to 140 pounds and was very depressed. I had promised myself that I would never get back into the 140s again.

Not long after, I was in Bart''s office and he showed me a picture of a good female friend of his who had just done a competition. I looked at the picture then turned to Bart and told him that I would love to have a butt and thighs like her. Bart looked at me and said, "You can. Let''s do it!"

By this time Bart''s schedule was packed. Word about the program had gotten around and people were seeing the results, so he was very busy. However, he suggested that I try to do this rotation on my own, since I had already done it once, but to be sure to call him with any questions or problems I might have. Later I spoke to his wife, Lynne (who also happens to be my sister) and she said that she would also help me as she is now working with people on their diets.

Armed with renewed determination and a new goal as well as a new and incredible mental picture, I once again began building my calories. I told Bart that this time I wanted to get down between 122 and 125. I gradually took my calories back up to 2,800 a day. I would have gone higher but I had decided that I wanted to be at my goal weight by my 40th birthday at the beginning of November. So once again I would be pressed for time.

I began my rotation at the beginning of August and the first few weeks were incredible! Bart had told me that my body would ''remember'' where it had been before and it really did! I lost an average of 3 pounds a week the first month! I was so excited because I was already down to 128 (my original goal). I couldn''t believe that I was actually in the 120''s! Then my body slowed down. Over the course of the next month I had to work really hard to lose 2 pounds a week, but I did it and at the beginning of October I was sitting right at 120/121, which was actually less than the new goal that I had set for myself for this rotation and it was a month early!

Well, I checked in with Bart and did a body fat test. I was down to 15% body fat, but I could tell that I still had a few areas (tummy, butt & outer thighs) were I still had some "fat pockets." Bart said that with the extra time I had before my birthday, if I stayed on my rotation, I could quite conceivably get down to 115/116 lbs. and taking my height and build into consideration, I would still look fine.

I told him that I would compromise. I would continue to diet but I would not kill myself. If I didn''t lose 2 pounds a week, I would be okay with it and not make myself do a "gazillion" hours of cardio or a fibrous carb day to make it up. The way I looked at it was that I had already reached my goal " anything else was a bonus.

I set up a time to have my photo shoot done the morning of my birthday. I dieted right up to the photo shoot " weighing in that morning at 118! Bart and Lynne met me at the studio where they helped me with posing. When we finished with that, we did a final body fat test " 13.4% body fat! I was a happy camper and even happier when the photos came back and I could see that I did have the butt and thighs that I''d always dreamed of having!

It has been 7 weeks now since I stopped my rotation and unfortunately, I have not done my maintenance program, as I shoud have, so I have gained some weight back. However, I''m not stressing about it because it is not that much and I''d planned to get back up around 122 1to 125 and stay there anyway. I''m going to enjoy the holidays and in the New Year, I will get back to working out regularly and eating well, so the extra weight will come back off.

I''d have to say that the best part about this program is how much you learn about yourself and your body. I know that if I want to do another rotation, my body will respond. I know what I look like underneath the "fluff," I know what to expect, and I know how to get my body where I want it to be. Bottom line is that this has become a way of life for me.

I whole-heartedly recommend this program for anyone wanting to make this change. Just know that it is a lot of work, and there may be times when you will really want to throw in the towel, but know too, that if you are focused and dedicated and are true to yourself, it will work and it is worth it! Good luck


Beth Bejarano
Colorado Springs, CO

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