Signs of Depression in Women

Signs of Depression in Women

It has been discovered that women are more prone to depression as opposed to men. Though the factors and causes that result in depression in both cases may be similar but the signs and intensity tend to be different. Women are known to be more emotional than men for numerous reasons. This one of the causes due to which they may take things more seriously than men do and this is one of the reasons due to which they get depressed. There are many obvious signs of depression in women and if you are a woman or have a wife, daughter, mother, and friend or relative that’s a woman, you need to be aware of these. Even women aren’t aware of the signs of depression in women.

One of the most obvious signs of depression in women is an unusual loss of appetite and weight changes. Men and other women tend to mistake this loss of appetite for anorexia. Some even presume that the sufferer wants to lose a few pounds and so, is controlling her diet. This is not the same as anorexia or dieting though. These women may smoke, drink and take sleeping pills in larger quantities than the average, sociable women.

A loss of interest towards people, circumstances, situations and hobbies are also included in the various signs of depression in women. Such women tend to prefer sleeping for hours at a time and they avoid meeting people and doing things that they may have given a lot more value and may have been more appreciative towards initially. This loss of interest comes about all of a sudden and the difference is noticeable in their attitude can be felt. A woman’s outlook on life, her behavior and her mood needs to be looked at in totality so that we can understand whether or not she is depressed.

Women tend to blame themselves when they are depressed too. Men usually presume that women are trying to get attention but they may not know that this is one of the most common signs of depression in women. For example, if the death of a son, in an accident, is the cause of the depression within a household, a father will blame the other driver for driving too fast. A mother, on the other hand, will blame herself for letting her son go out at a certain time or for letting him drive at all.

At the end of the day, the causes of depression in women may be the same as the causes of depression in men. However, the way the both of them deal with these causes is different. While a woman may feel sad, upset, nervous and could binge eat to medicate herself a man would turn towards television, drinks and he would feel irritable, suspicious, annoyed and angry instead. So the signs of depression in women vary from the signs of depression in men even though the causes may be similar.

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