Pill Identification and Its Importance  Healthcare Choice

Pill Identification and Its Importance Healthcare Choice

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Every household contains pills and medicines for common diseases like cough, flu or fever, and for more serious ailments such as bronchitis, migraines, hepatitis or other chronic illnesses that require the patients to keep a stock of different pills and capsules. Many times we lose the information leaflet of the medicine or it’s not easy to judge the purpose of the pill even if the pack is available or the pill has no imprint. That’s where a pill identifier can help you out.

It’s a web application that identifies brand name and generic prescription drugs, supplements and OTCs. You have to provide basic information to these online pill databases in order to identify a pill or capsule. Pharmaceutical companies and authority healthcare websites maintain extensive records of different types of drugs, these records with complete details, images and precautions are updated regularly.

What Information is required by a Pill Identifier?

Generally you could be asked to provide the following information:Imprint: most pills have numbers and/or letters printed on the top of the pill or in case of capsules the imprint can be on a side.Color: here you have to provide the color of your tablet to the pill identifier application. Usually the app will show you a list of colors.Shape: Pills come in standard shapes, the most common ones are round, oval, oblong, and triangle, diamond, rectangle, five or six sided. All you have to do is select the shape from the list.Form: The widely used forms are tablet or capsule. Make sure that you select the right one, take a look at the pill you have and select or enter in the application.Scoring: this is a marking that some pills have on them, some pills have no scoring, and others can be broken into half or multiple pieces. The four types of scoring are: none, single, partial and multiple.Brand: some pill identifiers also let you search based on the brand’s name, input the brand name which is printed on the box or packing of the drug.

Note that most pill identifiers will let you search by providing just one parameter, such as the color of the pill, the application will then provide you a list with images, and you can then match one of them with your pill. The more information you provide the better and accurate results you can get.

Doctors in the ER they see a huge number of cases where people have taken the wrong pill or dosage. This is a very common issue and these kinds of errors can worsen your condition and have serious side effects. It’s vital to know what pill you are consuming and what’s the correct dosage is. Doctors mention this information on the prescription but mistakes can happen. Be vigilant and always note that the pill you are taking is right for your condition, if you have forgotten or misplaced the relevant information; always use a Pill Identifier before consuming that particular drug. A little bit of research goes a long way, and it can protect you from having a bad reaction.

*Regularly check your medicine for expired drugs.

*Separate unidentified pills and use a Pill Identifier.

*Try to keep all your medications in their original packaging.

*Keep a record of your prescriptions.

*Look up any unidentified capsule or tablet on a Pill Identifier and record that information.

A Pill Identifier is a very useful and important tool; use it whenever you are confused about the usage or dosage of a drug. Stay safe and healthy.

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