Get or Recover Good Health

Get or Recover Good Health

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Welcome to my Healthy Wealthy & Wise.

My name is Jean-Pierre Courel and you will see my goal and bio by clicking the About Tab.

The first post will talk about smoking witch is a problem all over the world by the consequences does it makes for people health, smokers and no smokers.

My brother who was nine years older than me, gave me a ‘Gauloise’, french cigarette, black tobacco, very strong when I was seven years old!

Proudly, I smoke it entirely. That was the beginning of a all life smoker.

Until my seventeen, I had a lot of disease recurrent: angina, bronchitis, cough, headache, sleep troubles and not very performer in the physical education in school.

Past this years, I felt all right, my body made a reason and goes well.

The years passed and slowly but surely, I smoked more and more until 2 packs a day, 40 cigarettes and a little more when I passed some evening with friends, party’s, feat’s, I could go to 60!

The health was not to bad, just ‘ normal diseases’ nothing special with the tobacco so far.

In 1980, something begin to worried me : the death of my brother, he was 43 years old, cause by a liver and lung cancer!

He did not drink alcohol, so I don’t know for the liver but the lung, he smoked 2 packs a day, that I understand.

He was a nice fellow with everybody, involve in many associations, club for teenagers etc.

One Sunday, he was with some teenagers playing football and he received the ball in the liver. It’s heart a little, but he was very tough harm, and say: its all right!

Three days later, his wife said: you better go to hospital and see what is going on!

The doctors open him and close, saying: is too late, we can’t do anything.

That was a big shock for me, we where very closed, I loved my brother very much, he teach me so many important things (except the cigarette) and always there when I needed him.

Tree weeks later he died.

I begin to think, if I continue like him, it rest just 9 years to live!

So I had to do something about it and I began to smoke less and arrive to stop. But my body was stronger than my brain, I was angry, very disagreeable with my family and relatives, the hell! And I smoke a few cigarettes to feel better, so I go on to my 40 cigarettes by days!

After 4 or 5 times of this action, I decided to make another try on the 1988 holidays, we have much time and are more relaxed.

I took a cigarette after breakfast and I put a mark on the package. Thirty minutes later I felt to smoke again, I did not, thinking: I will wait thirty minutes, and so on.

The first day I smoked 10 cigarettes. I was very happy and did not feel bad at all, kind with everybody, everything all right, with a nice night.

Second day, same process’s, I smoked 7 cigarettes.

Third day, idem, I smoked 3 cigarettes.

Fourth Day, no cigarette!

We are now in 2008, that makes 20 years I stop smoking, I’m steal alive in good health, I’ll be 62 in April.

Now, I can tell you that your will must be stronger that your body, habits, laziness to change. It’s the way than physical, when you are in the valley and you see the top of the mountain and say: is too high, I’ll never get there!

But it’s wrong, lots of people do it. Step by step, to your rhythm you succeed!

I have faith on you. You’ll be surprise that all the things you can do if you give yourself the willing to accomplish great goals.


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