8 important things you need to solve before pregnancy - The Child Health Blog

8 important things you need to solve before pregnancy - The Child Health Blog

8 important things you need to solve before pregnancy

8 important things you need to solve before pregnancy will help you rise higher fertility, stable health pregnancy and fetal development is best . In everyday life there are habits that you should abandon when had decided to get pregnant would be better for your birth plan . These include changes such as to become pregnant should not drink alcohol , check for infectious diseases , should stop taking the pill , avoid stress at work  These will be the keys to help you get pregnant and give birth safely as possible. Lets refer with thechildhealthblog.com the following information for more experienced.

Before pregnancy go to the hospital for blood tests, check whether you have immunity to scarlet fever or not ? If you have not been immunized , your doctor will help you prevent  and should pregnant at least 3 months later.For scarlet fever caused severe harm to children as malformations or infirm.

This is the most feared enemy affect both mother and baby , makes your child were born is less intelligent , disease .  So the mother has this bad habit remove immediately to bring the best for your child and your health too.

3.Supplement properly of vitamin B12 every day

Vitamin B12 is good for pregnant women , in order to avoid dangerous diseases at birth as spina bifida . So when planning a pregnancy or during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy , you should take a certain dosage and regularly of this vitamin .Best to choose sources of vitamin B12 from nature found in green vegetables, beans , wheat , egg yolks.

4.Do not take birth control pills

Before trying to get pregnant , you must stop using the contraceptive pill to the body back to normal circadian cycle .  Then wait for over three menstrual cycles prior to conception ( this time you use condoms instead) because if pregnant in this time,you will be difficult to judge the date of birth the baby.

These diseases may be genetic causes as mental , haemophilia syndrome , if one of the member of family suffered disease ,the transmission risk to infants is very high . So consult your doctor before deciding to give birth to assess the level of risk and healthy birth .

Pregnancy is the stage you need to be rested and relaxed mood for your kids develop smart and avoid the risk of unnecessary illnesses . Be prepared when youre pregnant are comfortable ,repress the work aside to prepare as motherhood .

To birth a healthy baby , the mothers weight is also important , if too thin or too fat is not good for the fetus . So if the most ideal weight if before conception 6 month ,weight matching height . During pregnancy you need health , and must provide many essential nutrients for your baby healthy . If too thin you can not afford , and too fat you will not dare to eat , you will be missing substance is not to mention problems related morbidity in the mother and baby at this stage.

Common chronic diseases such as Graves , diabetes , epilepsy is affects directly to the fetus . So if you are suffering from hormonal disorders should tell your doctor immediately his intention to have children . To doctor may change the medication does not impede conception and affect to the fetus later.

With 8 important things you need to solve before pregnancy above,all women should not be overlooked when want to have children. Especially check the health problems of themselves to ensure no impact to the fetus later.

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