The Secret to Lifelong Fertility

The Secret to Lifelong Fertility

Is the secret of lifelong fertility eating a pound of butter a day and having sex three times a night? Thats what Ramjit Raghav, the worlds oldest new father, would tell you.

The 94-year-old Indian man and his 59-year-old wife recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Which begs the question: How?!

Raghav credits his past as a wrestler and the high-fat diet he has maintained for nearly a century. Raghav drinks 3 quarts of milk and eats a pound each of almonds and clarified butterknown as gheeevery day, he says. Which perhaps supports the idea that saturated fat isnt the evil nutrient its been made out to be. (Yeah, we know, case study of 1 = irrelevant). As for a male fertility treatment? In Ayurvedic medicine, for centuries, ghee has been thought to enhance the quality and quantity of semen. (They do look similar.) Unfortunately, theres no real scientific evidence to support this notion.

So how can you really protect your swimmers?

DIET AND EXERCISE Obvious ones, for sure, but theyre also the most important and foolproof ways to boost fertility. Mens Health urology expert Larry Lipshultz, M.D., says there might actually be something to Raghavs method. Judging by photos of the mans slim frame, Raghav probably has low levels of body-fat. Fatty tissue disrupts the production of testosterone, slowing down sperm production, Lipshultz explains. Join the new Belly Off! club to lose fat, gain muscle, and eat right. While Raghav was eating a lot of fat compared to most peoples standards, it actually sounds similar to a low-carb diet. And according to research from the University of Connecticut and Duke University, its not unusual for calories from fat in a low-carb diet to be as high as 70 percentwhile leading to weight loss and a reduction in heart disease risk.

SKIP THE HOT TUB Spend too much time in that 100-degree water, and youre going to do some damage to your junk. Sperm is produced in the testes for a reason: Because theyre much cooler than the rest of the body. Lipshultz says any kind of intense heat can cause problems, but hot tubs can be especially problematic because of the direct application of heat to the testes. One to five hours per week has been shown to decrease sperm count. The good news: The drop isnt permanent. But still, if youre trying to make a baby, the hot tub is not your friend.

AVOID SOY Some claim its a health superfood, but over the years, that assertion has become suspectat least when it comes to men. One 2008 Harvard study showed a serious correlation between soy intake and a decreased sperm count: 32 percent fewer sperm per milliliter of ejaculate in those who consumed a half serving of soy per day compared to those who went completely without it. Plus, soy can also lead to early cases of ED. (Read more in Is This the Most Dangerous Food for Men?)

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