The Most Important Client Is Always You!!

The Most Important Client Is Always You!!

You Matter to Joseph Haas Insurance!

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Joe Haas
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Insurance Agent
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Joe Haas of Farmers Insurance
You are the reason we are in business - Joe knows and cares about all his clients! Call Joe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Here in Las Vegas many of Joe''s clients work late hours, so Joe makes himself available to everyone to the greatest extent possible. That means that if you call outside the regular business hours of 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, you will often get through to Joe or one of his team directly. Should you get voicemail, please leave a message, and Joe or one of his team members will return your call promptly! Joe makes himself available because he truly cares about you and your family, and he values your business!

Joe sincerely believes you come first - that when working with a client, you must always work for their best interest, and has garnered an impressive reputation for getting deals done at competitive rates which others have failed to accomplish. As a client you must be aware of all your options so that you can make an intelligent decision about which type of insurance is best for you. Offering and explaining all the options and analyzing the best type of insurance for a client normally requires extra work, but Joe always makes sure his clients are well informed in order to chose the type of home, auto, life, commercial, business, family, and health insurance that will benefit them the most. Feeling comfortable with whom you are working with allows you to concentrate on your needs, knowing the rest will be taken care of. When you meet with Joe you will feel you have known him for years, and you''ll be very happy with your choice.

You are always appreciated - and your insurance claim is always given the highest priority. Make the right choice for your new home insurance, auto insurance, business insurance, health insurance, and family life insurance. Call Joe now at 363-6900 for a very competitive quote on all of your insurance needs that will put a smile on your face!