Mystery of the sea Mystery of the sea

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Herve Leger sale was born in dalian, the mysterious sea nature is an essential part of the coastal city of beautiful beautiful scenery line.In the morning, the surface is very quiet, only hear the sound of a ship machine. The sky was a pale blue, very shallow shallow; And the surface is more and more bright, like a layer of oil on the surface of the water spread slowly, spread out. Gradually, over the whole sea. The shore of the sea bottom, can easily see the sand and sedimentary Haiti and the small fish swim. Few seagulls occasionally, Herve Leger Dresses touched the pointed mouth in the water, after picking up a small fish, up quickly, flying to their nests, to prepare a good dinner.At noon, changed the color of the sea. The near blackish green and light blue afar to form bright contrast. The sun to the surface, the surface has produced a myriad of small points of light. Seawater violently dashed on the rocks, "pa, pa" of noise; Splashing white waves, like ten million white horse.At dusk, the sunset put pieces of cloud dyed purple or red. The sea Herve Leger outlet become colorful, in a flash has a light blue, silver grey, and light orange. Beautiful!In addition to the nature of the great painter, who else can create such a masterpiece?