Q: What would our practice receive with the Community Health Technology TV System?

Q: What would our practice receive with the Community Health Technology TV System?

Signing Up

Q: What would our practice receive with the Community Health Technology TV System?

A: Qualified practices receive:

• A 32-39” flat-screen HDTV and digital media player
• High quality educational programming
• Customized messaging capability
• Professional installation
• Dedicated LIVE phone support

Q: How does our practice sign up for the Community Health Technology TV System?

A: It’s very easy. Simply fill out the Service Agreement, complete with signature, call 443-800-3499. Once we receive your signed Service Agreement, we will initiate the process for system installation.

Q: How can the Community Health Technology TV System be free to our practice?

A: CHT is funded through educational sponsorships and a limited number of messages from industry sponsors including pharmaceutical, medical device, and consumer packaged goods companies. This allows us to offer the TV System to your practice at no charge.


Q: When can we expect our system to be installed?

A: It depends on your specific needs, but generally we can install your free system about 4 – 6 weeks after you sign up.

Q: What products are included in the installed system?

A: You will receive a professionally installed 32-39 inch flat-screen HDTV and/or a digital media player depending on your requirements.

Q: How long with the installation take?

A: Installation takes between 1 and 2 hours depending on your specific needs. All aspects of the installation will be handled by one of our professional installation technicians.

Q: When are installations conducted?

A: Once you’ve signed up, one of our dedicated customer service representatives will contact you to schedule the date and time that works best for you.

Q: Who in our practice should be notified about the Community Health TV system prior to install?

A: Your IT staff, IT sub-contractor or IT third party vendors must be notified to ensure a smooth installation. The installation should also be scheduled around their availability. Ports must be open and available to our technicians.

Q: Will our practice be responsible for taking care of the system after installation?

A: No. We provide all technical and maintenance support absolutely free of charge. If your system isn’t working, simply contact our dedicated customer service team at 443-800-3499 or at support@communityhealthtech.com, and we will fix it or have a new system installed within 14 business days.


Q: How do we set up or change our practice-specific messages?

A: Our state-of-the-art TV System provides practices the ability to add or change practice messaging easily on a monthly basis. Simply contact our dedicated customer service representatives by the 15th of each month to make a change to be initiated on the 1st day of the following month.


Q: Who develops the content?

A: We are partnering with the top patient education content providers in the industry to develop content suitable for your visitors. All content is approved by Community Health Ventures prior to broadcast in your centers.

Q: How much of the television programming is educational content?

A: The majority of our program is educational. The remainder is primarily broadcast network content and messages from our sponsors.

Q: How often is programming refreshed?

A: You will receive a new 1-hour loop of original, high-quality content every month.

Q: How is programming delivered to our practice?

A: Programming is delivered digitally through your existing internet connection to the digital media player we install for you with the new TV. The digital media player contacts the Community Health Technology servers for new programming.


Q: How much sponsored content should we expect?

A: Between 8 and 16 minutes per hour, distributed in between educational segments.

Q: Do you always have the same sponsors?

A: Our sponsors change on a monthly basis; however, they may choose to sponsor more than one month of programming.

Q: Do the sponsors have any influence over the programmed content?

A: No, our sponsors are chosen independently from the content of our videos, and sponsors do not influence decisions about programming. All sponsors will be approved by Community Health Ventures to ensure it is suitable for your visitors.


Q: Will this use of the internet interfere with other office activities, increase costs, or give Community Health Technologies access to patient information?

A: No, never.

Q: Why does the system require a digital media player?

A: The digital media player acts as the station that receives, stores and plays content on the screen in addition to controlling volume commands and monitoring proper playback performance. This configuration allows Community Health Technologies programming to be downloaded over the existing LAN. This download occurs every month and takes place after business hours.

Q: Is this streaming video?

A: No. Our programming is transmitted in what is known as a “store and forward” format. Our content plays back from the PC once the program has been downloaded.

Q: Will this connection give Community Health Technologies access to any patient information?

A: No, never. Our system has restricted access to only our file servers and is configured to only “talk” to our servers via outbound connections. No inbound connections to the digital media player can be initiated, thus no one can access the system from a remotely initiated connection. This keeps the network’s security features intact and HIPAA compliant.

Q: What internet speed is required?

A: Broadband connectivity with a minimum bandwidth of 128 Kbps. This bandwidth must be available after normal business hours.

Q: How large is the data for Community Health Technologies programming?

A: Our monthly program is approximately 5 GB of data (smaller than a movie!) and is transferred after normal business hours as bandwidth allows. Providing custom messages and weather updates through an RSS feed requires a small file transfer (approximately the same as emailing a picture) at various times during the course of a normal business day (RSS feeds do not honor after hours download control times to allow for timely updates during the view day). We can even throttle the bandwidth to meet your specifications.