Healthy Coffee Just Another Fad?  Healthy Coffee Talk

Healthy Coffee Just Another Fad? Healthy Coffee Talk

Written by ssammour in Ganoderma Lucidum, Healthy Coffee

If you''re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Weve all seen the healthy food crazes right?

But, have we ever seen healthier coffee?

I can remember in the early 90s that the country was starting to become a lot more health conscious. Seriously, it took all of America wanting the desire to eat and live healthier before companys actually started producing meals and snacks that were low sugar and healthy for you to eat.

Poor Diabetics they had to live life eating bland food that tasted like plastic because there was just not enough demand from them alone to change the food industry, but this healthier change did not exactly spread like wild fire either.Its hard changing your lifestyle when you are so accustomed to eating and drinking certain foods and beverageslike coffee! I have heard it all about the toxins and harmful effects coffee has to offer, but funny thing with it is that over 500 million cups are served daily in America alone. So once again average consumer ignores the facts of all the toxins and pollutants that coffee brings into our bodyuntil now! Someone has finally got the picture.Organo Gold which is a company started out of Canada brought the right product for the world into the market. They brought a gourmet coffee with a personal flavor we all love: black, mocha, hot chocolate, latte, or green tea; and they added something different G-A-N-O-D-E-R-M-A.

Now if you were to research the benefits the ganoderma mushroom has to offer, then definitely sit back and get ready to be amazed. There are hundreds if not thousands of studies on this mushroom aslso known as the miraculous King of Herbs!!  It has over 200 nutrients and 150 antioxidants and has been described as the closest thing to nutritional perfection found in nature.

The reported health benefits that ganoderma has to offer to each person is astounding.

Though it used to be VERY difficult to harvest and to find Organo Gold has partnered with one of the Worlds leading 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma producers to infuse this miracle into your daily routine.  So no excuses, best part is that the coffee and tea taste as good as if not even better than what your are accustomed to already.

Dont be shy contact any of the healhty coffee girls here

wed be happy to send you a free sample!

Spreading health and wealth one delicious cup of coffee at a time,

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