Electronic Cigarette Battery Maintenance Tips

Electronic Cigarette Battery Maintenance Tips

Electronic cigarettes are using lithium batteries as the main source of power. As long as you have power stored in the e-cig batteries, you can use the vaping device anytime you want. To keep your e-cig batteries at top condition, there are several basic maintenance tips you can utilize.

As mentioned earlier, batteries for e-cigs are lithium-based. Just like any other lithium battery, always make sure you charge the e-cig battery before it completely runs out of power. Using the batteries until they run out of power completely on a regular basis will only damage its internal cells and reduce the batteries’ storage capacity substantially.

Although using the battery until it runs completely dry is a bad thing to do, draining it completely and recharging it to 100% is a good way of maintaining your battery health. Make sure you do this every 6 months to keep your e-cig batteries in top shape; avoid discharging the battery completely unless you are executing this maintenance task.

Some basic cleaning may also be necessary, especially if you are serious about enjoying the best smoking experience. Clean the battery contact using rubbing alcohol and blow through the battery to remove any debris and dust from the inner tube.

Top e-cig suppliers are now offering lifetime warranty with the starter kits they are selling. The lifetime warranty covers your electronic cigarette batteries, so you don’t have to worry about getting a replacement battery at all. If after a thorough maintenance your battery still doesn’t function properly, contact your e-cig supplier and ask for a replacement.

As you can see, maintaining the batteries of your electronic cigarette is very easy to do. Utilize these simple maintenance tips, keep your battery fully charged, and enjoy the best smoking experience every time you use the vaping device.